Piano regulation

The action, keyboard, pedals, and other moving parts require regular adjustment to compensate for the effects of play, the environment (humidity) and wear. The amount of adjustment required will vary with the location and amount of use, but regular check-ups will help to keep your piano in top condition.

A piano which gets normal home use will probably need regulation every 2 to 3 years. This is of course subject to individual judgment. Keep in mind that the action of a concert grand is regulated as a matter of routine before every performance.

It goes without saying that tone and action regulation are jobs for a specialist. The two are usually done at the same time. Once again we recommend that you speak to one of our team for advice when you think your piano needs to be regulated.

Each piano model from different manufacturers all behave differently For example The Steinway Accelerated Action® is one of your piano's patented features. It is the most sensitive and responsive action yet devised for the piano. In order to keep it as responsive as it was designed to be, it will from time to time require the attention of a professional piano technician.

In normal use the action of your piano will eventually depart from the evenness which was established when it was originally regulated in our factory. The need for regulation is to a certain extent a function of the use which the piano gets.

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