Piano rental

How it Works?

The piano rental works as follows:

• Minimum 12 month term
• Deposit 15% of retail value of the rented piano
• Delivery and collection (Dublin ground floor)
• Insurance responsibility of customer
• Should the rental be terminated before the 12 month period of the rental is up then 30% of the outstanding rental will be due.

Kawai K15 Ebony Polish Upright Piano

• Deposit €600
• Delivery €75
• Collection €75
• Rent per Month €120

Piano Rental

Pianos Plus rental purchase service has proved extremely popular over the years. This scheme allows the customer, to rent a piano for a year, enabling he or she to assess the level of interest. Should the customer wish to make a purchase during or after the rental period 40% of the rental paid will be offset against the purchase price.
The rental service is ideal for ex-patriots who may be working in Ireland for the short to medium term and don't want the complication or expense of purchasing an instrument. It is also ideally suited to beginners where there is a question mark as to whether the student will stay at the piano.

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